Dynasty Lanes welcomes you back   

Due to COVID Curfew Restrictions imposed and extended by Governor DeWine we will temporarily change our hours of operation to close at 10 p.m. all 7 days a week. 

Our late-night bowling specials on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday  will now run between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

We are sorry for this change, especially for our friends who have to work 2nd shift. We hope you understand this is something we really didn’t want to do. With the vaccine now here we hope our hours will be back to normal soon.


Mask Order for Bowling Alleys


We understand that nobody likes to wear a mask however it is mandated by the Governor’s Office, Liquor Control Department, The Ohio Department of Health and The Bureau of Workers' Compestation will be making sure that you wear them at certain times when visiting Dynasty Lanes. By us all working together to lower the number of COVID cases and the vaccine being used by more and more people this should to help curb the Pandemic positive numbers and these measures should only be temporary in nature.

Tips from your Pro-Shop

1) Finger grips (inserts)  should be replaced once a season. Cost is just $12 and it will return that new ball feel off your fingers to your current bowling ball.


2) Get the oil out of your ball and return its hookability with our Oil Extraction System. Just $15 for one ball and $25 for two balls, Great for reactive finish equipment.


3) Resurface your urethane bowling ball to restore hook just $25. Want the ball to hook less? Resurface it and then polish it for just $30.00


4) Extreme weather can damage your bowling ball and will change how much or how little it hooks. In very cold weather leaving your ball in the trunk of a car or an unheated basement can result in the ball cracking when it warms up. The change in temperature will also cause a "Sweating" on the surface which will make it hook less. In warm months extreme heat will cause oil to come to the surface of the ball making it slippery to the touch and hard to handle. Locjers available at Dynasty Lanes for just $15 per season. Locker rentals due October 1st every year.


5) A changing of the chemical composition of the ball is also a concern when extreme temperatures are present and can even cause the ball to change colors on certain parts of the ball.




It doesn't matter if you currently use house balls and shoes, equipment handed down from your grandparents, or just haven't updated your own stuff since the 70's we can get you the newest tools to help your average increase.
Come to Dynasty Lanes and see what is new from companies like Radical, DV8, Storm, Track, Hammer, Ebonite, Columbia, Dexter, Etonic, Brunswick and more.
Brent Willingham is the best ball driller in the local area has went to several schools and seminars to keep up to date on the latest drilling techniques to help give you an advantage over the pins. We will give you help picking out the right ball in the right price range for your game, once ordered just make an appointment with Brent for drilling and you will be on your way to higher scoring.
Once you have your own or new equipment see one of 12 Coach-it Up Instructors for quick tips or make an appointment for private lessons with our house pro. Lewis Sims, a former member of the Professional Bowlers Association (P.B.A.), Level 1 Coach, Head Coach of both the Saturday Scoring Instructional Kids League and the Willard Flashes High School team is always willing to help bowlers improve their bowling form and knowledge of the game.

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