Dynasty Lanes will reopen July 29th   

with regular hours of operation. We understand that you are as eager as we are to get things back to normal at what many of you consider your 3rd place to be after home and work.


It was a very hard decision to make, to wait, for a business that prides itself on being open 365 days a year. It was also very hard since we had taken the lead in Ohio to push for bowling centers to be open sooner rather than later once the Governor made closing of bowling centers mandatory due to COVID-19.


Bowling alleys fall not just under 1 but 3 categories for reopening Ohio businesses:

  1. General Non-Contact Sports
  2. Restaurants and Bars
  3. Consumer, Retail, Services and Entertainment

There is many rules, regulations and stipulations that must be followed. It is our feeling that the July 29th reopen date gives us the time necessary to meet all of these requirements for the safety of our guest and staff and to abide by standards set forth under all 3 of these categories.


If you bowled in a USBC adult or youth league during the 2019-20 season the remainder of the season will be cancelled. Since we will not be opening before the recommended June 29th cut-off date established by the league task force it is the decision of Dynasty Lanes management that leagues will not be charged for any lineage owed after the last week actually bowled back in March. Dynasty Lanes will be contacting the secretaries of all leagues which will then in turn contact captains of each team recommending prize money and/or awards (per task force recommendations) be handed out at the fall meetings. Youth league awards will be handed out the first week of league orientation.


The Teen League and Extravaganza League were not USBC certified. The Teen League will be cancelled and the Extravaganza League will resume bowling on July 30th.


We will use the time between now and July 29th to focus our attention on refurbishing our location in addition to making several changes which will follow safety protocols and procedures established by the Governor DeWine’s office.


We thank you for your support during this once in over 100-year crisis. An extra thank you to those of you who contacted and/or called the Governor DeWine’s office in our support. We hope you understand the delay in reopening and we look forward to seeing you then.


Free to Schools - Bowler's Ed


Bowler's Ed Teacher's CurriculumBowler's Ed Teacher's Curriculum DVD'sBowler's Ed Teacher's Curriculum Quick Reference GuideBowler's Ed Instructional DVD





If you would like a Cross Curricular Activity focusing on healthy living, math skills and critical thinking that includes science and history lessons.

That follows Common Core Education Standards while teaching a Life Long Activity that is family oriented, fun and easy to teach.

Bowler's Ed Carpeted Lanes at Foul LineBowler's Ed at middle logoBowler's Ed at pin areaDynasty Lanes in Willard Ohio would like to provide you FREE of charge the use of 4 carpeted lanes, light weight rubber bowling balls and bowling pins, Bowling Curriculum, Teacher’s Guide, Video Guide and more.


The Bowler’s Ed program has a Rubrics scoring tool specifically for grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 but can be used throughout the entire school experience.

Bowler's Ed whole laneSections focusing on the Fundamentals of bowling including but not limited to Safety and Etiquette, Fitness and Fun including but not limited to Circuit Bowling, Cardio Bowling, Fitness Roll, Relay Bowling and of course Academics including but not limited to Health Tips, Fun with Numbers, How to Keep Score, Power of the Pen and much more.   


Please email Lewis Sims Willard High School Bowling Head Coach and Co-Owner of Dynasty Lanes atBowler's Ed with Bowling is Fun pinlewis@dynastylanes.com leave your name, school name and phone number where you can be reached if you are interested in the program or need additional information. Lew will even come to the school and give you a hand upon request.

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