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Dynasty Lanes Tournament News:

In Progress and Upcoming:

34th Annual 9-Pin Singles Handicap  2018 No-Tap Tournament

9-Pin Tournament Flyer

Standings as of May 23rd, 2018  Last squad is Sunday May 27th at Noon

Entry forms also avialble at the front bowling counter at Dynasty Lanes.

Please call (419)935-1394 to make reservations

Bring a squad of 10 or more bowlers and you get a FREE entry into the tournament and qualify for squad leader prizes.

If you bowled in our 9-Pin you qualify to bowl in our 8-Pin Wednesday May 30th at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m.

If you bowled in ou 8-Pin you qualify to bowl in our 7-Pin Wednesday June 6th at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m.


Raise money for Veterans in our Bowling to Veterans Link Tornament 

Monday Memorial Day at 8 p.m.

HDCP 6 game baker doubles. See 2018 Tournament Flyer here 

Dynasty Lanes will donate half of lineage (cost of bowling) to the Vets. So far we have raised $1120 for BVL.


Results of past tournaments:

22nd Annual 2018 Memorial Tournament conducted by the Willard Area USBC

This tournament is to honor the memory of former Dynasty Lanes bowlers who are no longer with us. it is a great end of season tournament with a good prize fund for a low entry fee. Willard Area USBC added an additional $734.00 into the prize fund. A must for all USBC Cetified who bowl at Dynasty Lanes.

Tournament Results


Entry forms also avialble at the front bowling counter at Dynasty Lanes.


2018 NCOBPA Junior Doubles Tournament

Bowled March 17th, 18th,24th and 25th  2 Divison, 301 team average and up - 300 team average and below

Un-Offical Results

70th Annual Willard Area USBC City Tournament

Team Event Winner - Lovers Not Fighters 3455

Doubles Event Winner - Cody and Jacob Reed 1501

Singles Event Winner - Joe Blackburn 751

All Events Winner - Nikki Sims 2150

All Events Scratch Winner - Cody Reed 2189

Full Results



HDCP 6 Game Baker Doubles Tournaments to help support BVL

December 7th, 2017 Tournament Results

1st Place Megan and Nathan Pifer $150.00

2nd Place Adam Likes and Chris Kuhns $74.00

Full Results

BVL Tournament

Dynasty Lanes had been trying to raise money for veterans through The Bowling to Veterans Link in several different ways. Guest can purchase a solider pin for $1, we had a league in which 50 cents per bowler to per week has gone to the charity and we are now running tournaments in which Dynasty donated half of what is usually charge for bowling back to BVL. The league was such a success 3 teams had to be turned away, the first tournament was a sellout and bowlers wanted more, hence the reason for the addition of extra tournaments. If you are a league bowler please team up with a friend, join us for a little fun, an opportunity to win money and help support the people who help defend our country.




12 Game Thanksgiving Eve Marathon Tournament





33rd Annual 2017 9 Pin Singles Handicap No-Tap Tournament

Cody Reed winner of 9 Pin Tournament

Final Results 9 Pin No-Tap


8 Pin No-Tap Tournament - held May 31st, 2017

8 Pin Tournament Winners

8 Pin Tournament Results


7 Pin No-Tap - Held June 7th, 2017

7 Pin No-Tap Winners

7 Pin No-Tap Results


21st Annual Memorial Bowling Tournament

Monday May 15th. Two squads: 6:30 and 9:00 p.m.

Memorial Tournament Flyer

Memorial Tournament Final Results

George Mays Memorial Tournament Winner



64th Annual North Central Ohio Bowling Proprietors 

League Officers Tournament

15 Women’s Entries

24 Men’s Entries

Handicap based on 90% of a 230 average


Unofficial Standings

Amber Haycook Dynasty Lanes

Womens Division:

·         736 - Amber Haycook, Dynasty Lanes

·         700 – Bestey Bowen, Wyandot Lanes


·         699 – Bernadette Guckert, Dynasty Lanes

·         683- Tiffnay Karg, Wyandot Lanes

·         681 - Nikki Sims, Dynasty Lanes

·         675 – Susan Kochler, Wyandot Lanes

·         667 – Billie Jo Hawkins, Buckeye Lanes

·         657 - Cheryl Manning, Buckeye Lanes

·         644 – Barb Morris, Wyandot Lanes

·         638 – Kendra Miller, Bowlmor Lanes

·         631 – Judy Caudill, Wyandot Lanes

·         620 – Kathy Sledge, Dynasty Lanes

·         613 – Lynn Morgan, Wyandot Lanes

·         589 – Teri Cupp, Dynasty Lanes

·         565 – Audra Webb, Wyandot Lanes



Mens Division:

·         773 - Marc Walton, Bowlmor Lanes

·         753 – John Ringle, Bowlmor Lanes

·         748 – Phil Hall, Buckeye Lanes


·         727 – Mike Blackford, Wyandot Lanes

·         720 - Aaron Karcher, Bowlmor Lanes

·         695 – Don McLaughlin, Wyandot Lanes

·         691 – Mat Clark, Wyandot Lanes

·         675 – David Walton III, Bowlmor Lanes

·         674 – Dale Rader, Wyandot Lanes

·         665 - Clint Bowling, Bowlmor Lanes

·         664  - Jeff Bowen, Wyandot Lanes

·         663 – Ronald McKinney, Lex Lanes

·         660 - Larry Smith, Buckeye Lanes

·         658 – Bill Jaeckin, Dynasty Lanes

·         650 – David Walton, Bowlmor Lanes

·         637 – Rob Manning, Buckeye Lanes

·         624 – Steve Chambers, Dynasty Lanes

·         594 – Keith Boes, Wyandot Lanes

·         594 – Jeremy Walton, Bowlmor Lanes

·         584 – Gino Mollica, Lex Lanes

·         580 -David Daubenspeck, Bowlmor Lanes

·         568 – Kim Meister, Lex Lanes

·         559 - Tim Glick, Wyandot Lanes

·         544 – Georg Mays, Dynasty Lanes






Thanksgiving Eve/Day Marathon4th Annual Dynasty Lanes Thanksgiving Eve/Day


Games 1-4 bowled on a torture shot.

Games 5-8 bowled on a house shot

Games 8 -12 uses 9 pin no-tap format (9 pins on first ball counts the same as a strike) on a house shot


Thanksgiving Marathon 2016. Results

Thank you to everyone who bowled in our 12 game Thanksgiving Eve/Day overnight Marathon Tournament. Our winner this year was Nikki Sims with a score of 2581. Other cashiers included Richard Johnson 2560, Steven Schaaf 2544 and Andy Ramge 2499. It was a very fun and exciting tournament and who would win or even cash was up for grabs until the very end with only a 146 pin difference between 1st place and 10th place when it was over. 

Marathon Tournament at Dynasty Lanes



32nd Annual 9 Pin Singles Handicap 2016 No-Tap Tournament


Un-Offical Final Results for Singles

Un-Offical Final Results for Doubles




If you bowled in the 9 pin Tournament you qualify to bowl in the 8 Pin Tournament Wednesday June 1st. 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. squads, both in one or both



If you bowl in the 8 Pin Tournament you qualify to bowl in the 7 Pin Tournament Wednesday June 8th. 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. squads, bowl in one or both





20th Annual Memorial Tournament

Rodney Beverly bowls his first ever 700 series at the right time(a tournament) in order to win this years event and $300.00.

Memorial Results


2016 North Central Ohio BPA Mixed Team Championship Tourney



Un-Offical Final Results for NCOBPA Mixed Championship Tournament



The N.C.O.B.P.A. is adding $250.00 into the prize fund as a thank you for bowling league in one of our centers.

Mixed Teams from the following North Central Ohio Bowling Centers were eligible to send teams:

Al's Retro Lane - Galion

Blue Fusion Entertainment - Marion

Bowlmor Lanes - Sycamore

Buckeye Lanes - Marion

Colony Lanes - Delaware

Dynasty Lanes - Willard

Lex Lanes - Lexington

Luray Lanes - Ashland

Morrow Lanes - Cardington

Heritage Family Entertainment - Tiffin

Wyandot lanes - Upper Sandusky

Victory Lanes - Galion





68th Annual Willard USBC BA City Tournament


Team Event - Lovers Not Fighters 3263 - $500.00

Doubles - Jim Lehner and Brandon Parrigan 1490 - $220.00

Singles - Jim Lehner 781 - $145.00

All Events - Jim Lehner 2198 - $100.00

All Events Scratch - Cody Reed 2009 - $100.00

See al the scores at:    /Portals/0/2016-Willard-USBC-BA-City-Tournament-Results.xlsx





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